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Wake Up! Your World is Collapsing! by Dan HaydenWAKE UP! YOUR WORLD IS COLLAPSING!
How to live a righteous life in an unrighteous world
America seems to be on a slippery slope of cultural collapse as we slowly drift into the liberal agenda of socialism and globalism. It won’t be long before we find ourselves regretting what we have lost if we don’t wake up to reality.In 2 Timothy 3:1 the Bible warns us that in the last days perilous times will come. It appears that we are fast approaching the last days, and the perilous times are right on schedule.
The real need however is for believers to walk as children of light in the growing darkness, helping others to find their way. Christ is the only adequate answer to the madness around us, giving us an opportunity to be both winsome and courageous in introducing people to our Savior. God has called us to be warriors—not worriers.
Dan Hayden answers our most pressing questions about the future and lays out the pattern for godly living.
Softcover Book$17.95 $15 

That Perfect Place - a novel by Karilee HaydenTHAT PERFECT PLACE
Finding Contentment in Difficult Times
Filled with disappointment when his dream of ministering in Peru is quashed, Reverend Walt Edwards valiantly tries to serve God in a tiny Minnesota town, a place he considers second-best. Within the first year, cantankerous townsfolk, false accusations, and exhausting travels begin to wear Pastor Walt down. When anonymous threatening letters escalate and real harm comes to his family, he decides to resign the pastorate. How can he continue to lead Community Church when his own faith is shaken?
Learning contentment in difficult circumstances can uncover surprising blessings
Softcover Novel – $19.95  $15

Singing in the Dark - Psalm 119SINGING IN THE DARK
Hope in the Trials of Life – Psalm 119
As we cope with an uncertain future, how can we walk with confidence in dark times and where do we turn when we don’t know what to do?
Psalm 119 walks us through the deep valleys of despair and the twisted turns of a turbulent world to shine God’s light on the pathway of HOPE.
Singing in the Dark probes the context of Psalm 119 and its magical structure. You will be amazed at the intricate weaving of eight special words throughout the psalm and the octave rhythm of its alphabetic setting. This psalm is the greatest concentration of praise for the Word of God in Holy Scripture.
Softcover Book & Audio CD $19.95  $15

Examining the Divine Design of the Bible as a Living Book
Have you ever wondered why God put the Bible together the way He did?  Is there a comprehensive design in the Bible that surpasses the mere idea of conceptual unity?
Here is a study that truly unlocks the harmonious structure and purposeful design of the Bible — as well as opening new vistas of thought that put all of Scripture into its contextual meaning.
336 pages softcover book $16.95 $15

Crafted by GOD - Structural Design - Study GuideCRAFTED BY GOD – STUDY GUIDE – Volume 1
Structural Design
If you appreciate Bible study, you will love the first study in the Crafted by God series. Experience God’s creative genius as He crafts one of His most spectacular achievements–the Bible. Discover the intriguing structural design of God’s Word that turns this divine book into a literary wonder. A captivating study with a surprise ending.
110 pages softcover workbook $14.95 $12

Crafted by God - The GospelsCRAFTED BY GOD – STUDY GUIDE – Volume 2 
The Gospels
The Gospels are perhaps the most beloved books of the New Testament because they unveil for us the life of Christ. Yet, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are more than repetitious biographies. Each one is a unique literary portrait describing a particular facet of Jesus marvelous character. This study takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of verbal portrait design to reveal the amazing features of Jesus glorious life.
105 pages softcover workbook $14.95 $12

CRAFTED BY GOD – STUDY GUIDE – Volume 3Crafted by God Study Guide, Volume 3 - Acts & Torso Design 
Acts & Torso Design
America is fast becoming an environment of increasing hostility to the Gospel. That is also the setting of the Book of Acts. Yet in spite of opposition, the message of Jesus Christ spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the Greco-Roman world. One fascinating story after another tells gripping tales of the apostolic journey from continent to continent. The Book of Acts and the Torso Design are two literary wonders that will captivate your mind and delight your heart.
101 pages softcover workbook $14.95 $12

Did God Write The Bible?DID GOD WRITE THE BIBLE?

After 2,500 years, the Bible remains the most-read book of all time. No other book has withstood the test of time like this book, which is called the very Word of God. But can we take the Bible’s claim to divine authority seriously? Why would God write a book anyway?
Dan Hayden addresses these and other questions often posed by skeptics and provides forthright, honest answers. Readers will enjoy taking a closer look at the Bible while being challenged to respond personally to the best-selling book of all time.
192 pages softcover book –  $12.95 $10

The Shekinah Glory Study GuideTHE SHEKINAH GLORY – STUDY GUIDE
A Study in the Glory of Christ
The cloud of God’s glory that settled over the wilderness Tabernacle and later over the Temple in Jerusalem during Israel’s early history has been called the “Shekinah Glory.” What does “Shekinah” mean – and how did the triune God represent Himself in that cloud? The answer may surprise you.
100 pages softcover workbook $14.95 $12

What the Bible Says about the Future of Iraq

Many people are surprised to learn that the Bible begins in Iraq and ends in Iraq. Not only is Iraq prominent in the news, it is also very significant in the Bible. Discover what the Bible says about Iraq and the great importance of Iraq to the biblical record and to the future of our world.
180 pages softcover book  – $16.95  $15

When Life's a WreckWHEN LIFE’S A WRECK
Walking with Christ Through the Trials of Life

Life is full of storms. You can’t avoid them in this fallen world, whether you are in financial trouble, have a troubled marriage, lose a loved one, or battle a debilitating illness. Sometimes these storms stretch you to the limit of your faith. Thankfully God does not abandon us to weather these storms alone. Nor did God abandon the apostle Paul on his turbulent journey across the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
This book examines the account of that journey in Acts 27-28 and gleans practical wisdom for weathering life’s inevitable storms.
128 pages softcover book Out of Print

Mindful of the TruthMINDFUL OF THE TRUTH
A System for Scripture Memorization

This booklet outlines a proven method for Bible memorization and retention. A systematic process that helps you stay on track and review verses that you have already committed to memory.
16 pages PDF

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The Bible - reliable authority in the search for truthTHE BIBLE – Reliable Authority in the Search for Truth

Reality is the substance of life and truth reflects what is real. Yet, the nagging question persists – is there such a thing as absolute truth? This is exactly what the Bible claims for itself, that it is the source and foundation of truth. Now, of course, claims without verification are meaningless. So, the question is – can this outrageous claim by the Bible be verified in the crucible of reality? This study probes the answer to that question.
8 CDs

The-Whole-TruthTHE WHOLE TRUTH – God’s Complete Revelation

The Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God – the foundation for truth. But, is it the whole truth? Are there other books that should have been included in the Bible – like the Apocrypha or the Gnostic Writings? What about the Mormon claim that the book of Mormon is additional Scripture? In other words, are the 66 traditional books of the Bible the complete record of God’s word to mankind? In this series of studies, Dan Hayden seeks to answer these questions in a clear and thoughtful manner.
6 CDs

The ShekinahTHE SHEKINAH – A Study in the Glory of Christ 

The cloud of God’s glory that settled over the wilderness Tabernacle and later over the Temple in Jerusalem during Israel’s early history has been called the “Shekinah Glory.” What does “Shekinah” mean – and how did the triune God represent Himself in that cloud? The answer may surprise you.
Here is a study on the glory of Christ that reveals who Jesus really is. You will discover that He is more than our Lord and Savior – much more. Travel with Dan Hayden through this amazing study on the centrality and preeminence of Jesus Christ.
6 CDs

58 MP3 Messages and Study Notes
This complete expositional study of the Book of Hebrews by Dan Hayden is an essential resource for every serious Bible student. The theme of Hebrews is the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. 58 full-length messages in MP3 audio format plus complete study notes – all on one data CD that you can play in your computer or MP3-capable CD player.
1 MP3 CD

Hebrews 1:2-3
What we believe concerning the person of Jesus Christ is pivotal to saving faith. When you understand WHO He is, then you can begin to comprehend and appreciate WHAT He has done for you.
1 CD 

20 two-minute word studies from John 15:1-8
Dan Hayden’s two-minute feature explores this favorite vine and branches passage of Jesus’ teaching with 20 word studies from the first eight verses of John Chapter 15.
1 CD

Understanding the Book of RevelationUNDERSTANDING THE BOOK OF REVELATION
For many Christians, the Book of Revelation remains a mystery because there is so much symbolic language and situations that are hard to understand and put together – a scroll with seven seals, seven angels blowing trumpets, bowls of wrath poured out upon the earth – what does it all mean?
2 CDs

Differing perspectives on the timing of the rapture have become a major issue within the Evangelical/Fundamental Christian community. If we accept the authority of Scripture and let the text of Scripture speak for itself, what view of the timing of the Rapture will emerge?
2 CDs

Peace Prelude to DisasterPEACE: PRELUDE TO DISASTER
A Prophetic Study from Israel’s two captivity Prophets – Ezekiel and Daniel
Factious groups and rogue nations continue to agitate in every part of the globe. Therefore, peace remains an elusive mirage on the map of international progress. The rise of Iran as the epicenter of terrorism and Russia’s unabashed support of Islamic terrorist nations is alarming. Yet the Bible predicts an amazing peace initiative that will simply be a prelude to disaster. So, what exactly does the Bible say about such world affairs at the end of the age? This series of studies probes and answers that question.
6 CDs

From Babylon to BaghdadFROM BABYLON TO BAGHDAD
Biblical Perspectives on Major Prophesies
Iraq is in the news every day, and some people are surprised to learn that it is also in the Bible – a lot! In fact, major prophecies concerning Babylon (modern day Iraq) predict the economic and political resurgence of that country as a prominent player in end-time events. This timely study will give you a biblical perspective on the future of Iraq.
8 CDs

Stories for Worried PeopleSTORIES FOR WORRIED PEOPLE
The Book of Daniel
Visions of beasts, a fiery furnace, ghostly graffiti, and a face-to-face encounter with snarling terror make the book of Daniel an exciting read. Yet within these accounts, God provides clear thinking, assurance of deliverance, and the protection that can only come from our Heavenly Father. Dan Hayden takes us on a journey through the book of Daniel and teaches us how apply these passages to our daily concerns, struggles, and challenges.
10 CDs

In Pursuit of Spiritual PassionIN PURSUIT OF SPIRITUAL PASSION
Lessons learned from the Ephesian Church
To have a significant impact in the community we must have a commitment to spiritual passion for Jesus Christ. The level of passion, not the level of knowledge, will be the measure of our impact. People will be drawn to Christ when they see that He is worthy of our passion.
6 CDs

Living with HopeLIVING WITH HOPE
Hebrews – The Preeminence of Christ
When times get tough, God’s people need hope. The Book of Hebrews addresses this concern by drawing the believer’s attention to the glorious perfections of Christ in WHO He is and WHAT he did. Learning to live by faith and trust in God’s love as the means of experiencing a sustaining hope is the message of this book.
10 CDs

Shadows of the CrossSHADOWS OF THE CROSS
Comprehending the full scope of Christ’s death on the cross
It took five separate and distinct sacrificial offerings to expose what Jesus’ death on the cross would accomplish for us. Three sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed how Jesus fulfilled our deficiency to truly love God and our neighbor, while the non-sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed the payment of our eternal debt for every sin we commit. This study probes each of the offerings recorded in Leviticus 1-7 to see how Jesus cared for every aspect of our spiritual need.
6 CDs

Discovering the Relational Side of Truth
Truth is nothing but stagnant reality unless it is infused with a living dynamic. The Bible presents truth as both rational (the Word of God) and relational (the person of Christ) – but the emphasis is clearly on building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Discover the importance of understanding the relational side of truth as the crucial balance to biblical knowledge.
6 CDs

A Study on Biblical Integrity
A multitude of forces battle for control of each person’s mind. The world is filled with truths and lies, realities and fantasies, right thinking and sinful thinking. But how does a Christian bring one’s mind under the control of the Holy Spirit? Mind Games probes the influences of the world and the influence of the Word on a person’s mind. Understand how the wisdom of Christ can impact your thoughts and intentions. (Revised Feb 2012)
6 CDs

John – The Gospel of Christ’s Deity
John begins his gospel by telling us that Jesus is God and that he tabernacled (or, dwelled) among us. This Tabernacle motif then becomes the format for John’s presentation of the life of Christ. From the Brazen Altar to the Laver, and then on through the Holy Place to the Holy of Holies, the Gospel of John demonstrates that Jesus Christ is the God of heaven having come to earth.
10 CDs

Romans 8:26-30
Prayer can sometimes be a mystery, especially when God answers differently than the way that you prayed. In this series of studies, that mystery is probed and answers are given that add a new excitement to the privilege of prayer.
3 CDs

Christ in the ShadowsCHRIST IN THE SHADOWS
A Contemporary Study of Worship from the Wilderness Tabernacle
God gave Israel a structure and pattern for worship in the formative years of their nation. It was called The Wilderness Tabernacle. Then, the writer of the Book of Hebrews reminds us that the tabernacle was designed according to the real tabernacle in heaven. That means the Old Testament pattern for worship is timeless and has a lot to say about our modern concepts of worship. This study explores the relationship between the ancient Tabernacle and the contemporary church.
8 CDs

Rethinking the Body of ChristRETHINKING THE BODY OF CHRIST
A Study on the Nature and Purpose of the Church
As we have begun the 21st Century, the church seems to be experiencing an identity crisis. Not only is the church being revised by our contemporary culture – it is being reinvented. In fact, the Emergent Church is going a step further by redefining truth. So, what is the true church, and to what extent should the church adapt to prevailing contemporary thought? A study of the Body of Christ provides definite answers for this controversial subject.
8 CDs

Gifts for the ChurchGIFTS FOR THE CHURCH
A Practical Study of Spiritual Gifts
Here is a study to help you understand the meaning and purpose of the gifts as a means of discovering your unique place in the Body of Christ. It is a practical exposition of two key passages on the subject of spiritual gifts – Ephesians 4 and Romans 12.
12 CDs

The Gift of TonguesTHE GIFT OF TONGUES
What does the Bible really teach regarding this sought after gift? In messages filled with thorough biblical study and historical detail, Dan Hayden presents a marvelous series that clears away the confusion regarding the gift of tongues.
6 CDs

The End is Near - ObadiahTHE END IS NEAR
The Edomites were a proud people who postured themselves as enemies of the God of heaven. Like other nations before and after them, they were ripe for God’s judgment. Using the apocalyptic Day of the Lord as the focus of his prophecy, Obadiah explains why Edom will be judged by God. On a personal level, this prophecy is a poignant illustration of God’s wrath against the flesh, which is the Edom in each of us. In six stimulating lessons, Dan unfolds the message of Obadiah in a powerful study of the shortest prophecy in the Bible.
6 CDs

King of KingsKING OF KINGS
A Portrait Study of Matthew’s Gospel
As the first Gospel, Matthew is the logical link between the Old and New Testaments as it unfolds the credentials of Jesus of Nazareth to be the long awaited Messiah. This study probes the intriguing format of Matthew’s Gospel in order to better appreciate his exquisite portrait of Christ as the King of kings.
10 CDs

God's Vision for the ChurchGOD’S VISION FOR THE CHURCH
Ephesians 4:11-16
Direction and purpose are essential ingredients for success. Without them, the meaning and function of the assembly remains foggy and misapplied. On the other hand, if the church is well organized and fully equipped for its task, then its ministry as a light of the Gospel will be more powerful. In God’s Vision for the Church, Dan Hayden probes Paul’s instruction to the church in Ephesians 4:11-16, and explains the essentials of the well-functioning church.
8 CDs

In the Company of JesusIN THE COMPANY OF JESUS
John 13:1-30
As Jesus and His disciples celebrated their last Passover Feast together in the upper room, they engaged in a pageantry of interaction that became known as the Upper Room Discourse. This four-part study explains the meaning behind the washing of the disciples’ feet, and then highlights three of the disciples in this account from John 13: Judas, Peter, and John. Each of them is symbolic of three types of people often found “in the company of Jesus.”
4 CDs

Philemon - The Healing of Broken RelationshipsTHE HEALING OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS
The Book of Philemon
The healing of broken relationships is a major concern in our increasingly fractured society. This is especially true, whether people realize it or not, with regard to the sinners broken relationship with God. Here is a series of studies that will help you to grasp more fully the wonder of how alienated parties can be once again reunited in love. You will discover that within the human drama of Philemon and Onesimus there is a divine picture of the gospel of reconciliation and that Onesimus is really a picture of you.
8 CDs

When Life's a Wreck CDWHEN LIFE’S A WRECK
Acts 27 & 28
The man or woman of God who walks with the Lord is a perpetual optimist. There is a strength and wisdom from God that makes it possible for His people to “sail” against the wind and weather life’s inevitable storms.
6 CDs

A Message of Encouragement
Sometimes mothers don’t have the help of fathers in raising their children. Either there is no father, as in a single parent home, or the father is too busy or disinterested to help. How does a mother cope when she has to raise her children alone? A message to encourage any mom.
1 CD

Living in the Tension of RealityLIVING IN THE TENSION OF REALITY
Christ in You – Ephesians 5 & 6
Living in an ungodly world has always been difficult for the serious Christian. In the midst of moral decay and spiritual decline, to live a life that brings glory to Christ is an immense challenge. Therefore, it is increasingly important to understand God’s ideal in every dimension of life – personal, marriage, family and work. In the last chapters of Ephesians, Paul helps us to get a grip on the reality of effective living as we face the tension of the spiritual conflict.
8 CDs

When the World Needs an AnswerWHEN THE WORLD NEEDS AN ANSWER
The Struggle for Truth in the Last Days – 2 Timothy 3
As we approach the end of the age, we can expect to be living in incredibly difficult times, according to 2 Timothy 3. In this series, Dan shows that God will enable us to minister effectively to the people of the 21st century. He reminds us that the power of God is known by those who seek to live godly lives based upon the careful study of His Word.
8 CDs

Name Above All Names - CDsNAME ABOVE ALL NAMES
Isaiah 9:6
The names of Jesus found in this famous Christmas text unveil the true nature and ministry of our Lord. Here is one of the great Old Testament prophecies that shines the light of heaven on the wonderful glory of Jesus Christ.
6 CDs

Born of a VirginBORN OF A VIRGIN
Four Messages on the the Miracle of Christmas
The truth of the Virgin Birth is not just a romantic notion to inspire us at Christmas time. It is foundational to our salvation and fundamental to our Christian faith. The Savior must be holy; He cannot be contaminated with the sin of Adam. This series explores Old Testament prophecies and New Testament fulfillment that demonstrates the reasons for the virgin birth and God’s perfect plan of redemption in sending His Son to earth.
4 CDs

The Little Town of Significance
Bethlehem is more than a tiny suburb of Jerusalem. It is the surprisingly big little town where God staged His entrance into the world. With a rich history of significant spiritual roots, Bethlehem emerges into the New Testament as the priceless jewel of Divine choice for the birthplace of the Son of God. Here are four studies that explore the fascinating Biblical record of Bethlehem in order to probe the question “Why does this little town have such grand meaning?”
4 CDs

Matthew Chapter 2
Matthew’s account is an intriguing part of the Christmas story. This study delves into the meaning of the wisemen’s gifts and their association with three incredible prophecies.
5 CDs



A Thematic Overview of the Bible
The Bible, the Word of God is alive and well! Using the analogy of the human form, Dan Hayden leads an amazing study on the themes of Scripture. How are the gospels like the head of a body? Could the truths of the New Testament stand without the legs of the Old Testament for support? And how are Paul’s letters to Timothy like the life blood of the Bible? Every book of Scripture fits perfectly into a master plan of form and function. Eight hour-long sessions on four DVDs.
4 DVDs

The Living Word - WorkbookTHE LIVING WORD WORKBOOK

A 68-page spiral-bound workbook to accompany the DVD seminar above. Compliments and provides complete notes for the DVD series.
68-page spiral-bound workbook



Portraits of Christ - DVDPORTRAITS OF CHRIST
An Overview of the Gospels
In six 30-minute sessions, Dan Hayden masterfully answers many of the difficult questions about the Gospel writings: “Why are they so different in some places yet so similar in others?” “What is the so-called ‘synoptic problem’?” “Can apparent contradictions be reconciled?” “What year was Jesus really born?”
These and many more topics make for a fascinating look into the most important and unique literature in the world: the four Gospels of the Bible. Perfect for group or individual use, Portraits of Christ is a unique study that will enrich and inspire.
• Includes a 24-page study guide for group use that is available on the DVD as a printable PDF file.
DVD / color / Full Program Time: 180 minutes

Are we living in the Last Days?
In early 2010, Dan Hayden joined Brannon Howse for a series of Worldview Weekend Conferences. Dan’s Prophecy Worldview presentation was video recorded live in Tampa as two sessions and answers the question, “Are we living in the last days?” A knowledge of Bible prophecy is like insider trading – investments of life are more insightful.

•This live DVD includes all of the slides used in the presentation and provides a solid worldview perspective on biblical prophecy.
DVD / color / Full Program Time: 71 minutes