Prophecy Worldview - DVDAre we living in the Last Days?

In early 2010, Dan Hayden joined Brannon Howse for a series of Worldview Weekend Conferences. Dan’s Prophecy Worldview presentation was video recorded live in Tampa as two sessions and answers the question, “Are we living in the last days?” A knowledge of Bible prophecy is like insider trading – investments of life are more insightful.

•This live DVD includes all of the slides used in the presentation and provides a solid worldview perspective on biblical prophecy.
DVD / color / Full Program Time: 71 minutes – $7 


Part 1 – Geo-Political Indications (41 minutes)
– Establishing the state of Israel
– Preparation for Gog’s invasion of Israel
– Resurrection of Middle East nations
– Revival of the old Roman Empire

Part 2 – Social and Global Indications (30 minutes)
– An international loss of character and integrity
– Jesus’ teaching on global birth pangs

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The Living Word - DVDA Thematic Overview of the Bible •

The Bible, the Word of God is alive and well! Using the analogy of the human form, Dan Hayden leads an amazing study on the themes of Scripture. How are the gospels like the head of a body? Could the truths of the New Testament stand without the legs of the Old Testament for support? And how are Paul’s letters to Timothy like the life blood of the Bible? Every book of Scripture fits perfectly into a master plan of form and function. Eight hour-long sessions on four DVDs.

4 DVDs plus one 68-page spiral-bound workbook included (order additional copies of the workbook below) $18 


  1. A Mosaic of Christ
  2. The Gospels and Acts
  3. The Pastorals
  4. The Writings and The Epistles Part 1
  5. The Epistles Part 2
  6. The Pentateuch and Major Prophets
  7. Historical Books and Minor Prophets
  8. Unifying Systems 

The Living Word - WorkbookTHE LIVING WORD WORKBOOK

A 68-page spiral-bound workbook to accompany the DVD seminar above. Compliments and provides complete notes for the DVD series.
68-page spiral-bound workbook$7



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Portraits of Christ - DVDAn Overview of the Gospels

In six 30-minute sessions, Dan Hayden masterfully answers many of the difficult questions about the Gospel writings: “Why are they so different in some places yet so similar in others?” “What is the so-called ‘synoptic problem’?” “Can apparent contradictions be reconciled?” “What year was Jesus really born?”
These and many more topics make for a fascinating look into the most important and unique literature in the world: the four Gospels of the Bible. Perfect for group or individual use, Portraits of Christ is a unique study that will enrich and inspire.
• Includes a 24-page study guide for group use that is available on the DVD as a printable PDF file.
DVD / color / Full Program Time: 180 minutes – $14 


  1. The Ezekiel Connection
  2. The Fourfold Messiah
  3. Gospel Genre
  4. Synoptic Gospels
  5. Gospel Harmony
  6. The Life of Christ

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