Recognizing the Season of Christ’s Second Coming

Jesus is coming back! Do we know what to look for before His return? Dan Hayden explores Matthew 24 and gives the indicators Jesus spoke of regarding His return. Specific events WILL occur prior to the 2nd Coming. Discover what these events are in this message.

The Importance of Studying Prophecy

 Dan Hayden addresses the first coming of Christ and how the religious leaders should have known and embraced Jesus as the Messiah. From there, he issues a challenge for us to study biblical prophecy and recognize its importance.

Tribute to Howard Hendricks

by Dr. Dan Hayden • Last year when I wrote my book, Crafted by God, I included the following dedication to Dr. Howard Hendricks, beloved “Prof”  at Dallas Theological Seminary. With great appreciation for your profound influence on my life and ministry: As...

Living in the Light of Christ’s Return

Understand the Times and Pursue God’s Purposes – Dr. Dan Hayden • Jesus affirmed the Old Testament wisdom for God’s people to understand the times in which they live and to live their lives with God’s purposes in mind. That fact is as true today in the church...