Crafted by God Study Guide, Volume 3 - Acts & Torso DesignVolume 3 – The Book of Acts & Torso Design

A Bible Study Manual

(A companion study for the book, Crafted by God)

America is fast becoming an environment of increasing hostility to the Gospel. That is also the setting of the Book of Acts. Yet in spite of opposition, the message of Jesus Christ spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the Greco-Roman world. One fascinating story after another tells gripping tales of the apostolic journey from continent to continent. The Book of Acts is a study we all need to read and ponder.

The other half of this study probes the incredible design of the human body’s torso as reflected in the Pastoral Epistles and poetic writings of the Old Testament. Here you will discover how the two major themes of JUSTIFICATION and SANCTIFICATION blend to reveal the central message of the Bible.

The Book of Acts and the Torso Design are two literary wonders that will captivate your mind and delight your heart.

An encouraging personal or group Bible study

20 lessons – divided into two groups of 10 each.
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