That Perfect Place - a novel by Karilee Hayden

New release for 2024… a novel by Karilee Hayden

That Perfect Place Finding Contentment in Difficult Times

If you have ever struggled with thwarted plans and unfulfilled dreams, this story will touch your heart and give you hope.

Filled with disappointment when his dream of ministering in Peru is quashed, Reverend Walt Edwards valiantly tries to serve God in a tiny Minnesota town, a place he considers second-best. Within the first year, cantankerous townsfolk, false accusations, and exhausting travels begin to wear Pastor Walt down. When anonymous threatening letters escalate and real harm comes to his family, he decides to resign the pastorate. How can he continue to lead Community Church when his own faith is shaken?

Learning contentment in difficult circumstances can uncover surprising blessings.

350 pages softcover book – $19.95 $15 

With a brilliant use of dialogue and compelling events, Hayden creates a community of characters who spring to life with every turn of the page—a wonderful, uplifting saga of discovery and revelation.

Carole Engle Avriett

Former Editor with Southern Living Magazine and National Best-Selling Author

That Perfect Place is a touching and memorable read. The author has shown a remarkable ability to deal with a difficult family issue while creating a lovely story. The power of grace flows in her words.

Davis Bunn

International Best-Selling Author

A wonderful book, full of heart warming and thought provoking tales of God at work in the intimate details of everyday life.

Beth Thomas

Former Creative Director of Xulon Press

That Perfect Place - Front/Back Cover

Karilee Hayden, a pastor’s wife for nearly forty years, is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science degree from Wheaton College. She has written numerous articles for magazines, and a non-fiction book, Wild Child, Waiting Mom, published by Focus on the Family. She resides with her husband, Dan, in Orlando, Florida. They have two children and a growing number of grandchildren.