Singing in the Dark: Hope in the Trials of LifePsalm 119 • Dan Hayden with Derric Johnson 

As we cope with an uncertain future, how can we walk with confidence in dark times and where do we turn when we don’t know what to do?

Psalm 119 walks us through the deep valleys of despair and the twisted turns of a turbulent world to shine God’s light on the pathway of HOPE.

The fact that it is the longest chapter in the Bible makes this psalm memorable. Many people cherry-pick it for favorite verses but often fail to recognize the deep pathos of the author. Seeing the poet in the circumstances of his life at the time of writing elevates this celebrated psalm to a place of supreme help in our contemporary concerns.

Here's Help for your Hope - Derrick JohnsonSinging in the Dark probes the context of Psalm 119 and its magical structure. You will be amazed at the intricate weaving of eight special words throughout the psalm and the octave rhythm of its alphabetic setting. This psalm is the greatest concentration of praise for the Word of God in Holy Scripture.

Includes the forward by Derric Johnson and many of his “Think Spots” throughout the book – plus a CD of ReGeneration in a pocket inside the back cover.

215 pages softcover book & audio CD – $19.95 $15