The ShekinahThe cloud of God’s glory that settled over the wilderness Tabernacle and later over the Temple in Jerusalem during Israel’s early history has been called the “Shekinah Glory.” What does “Shekinah” mean – and how did the triune God represent Himself in that cloud? The answer may surprise you.

Here is a study on the glory of Christ that reveals who Jesus really is. You will discover that He is more than our Lord and Savior – much more. Travel with Dan Hayden through this amazing study on the centrality and preeminence of Jesus Christ.

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The Shekinah – A Study in the Glory of Christ – by Dr. Dan Hayden •

  1. The Generic God
  2. The Visible God
  3. Inside the Cloud
  4. The Departure
  5. Who is Jesus, Really?
  6. The Preeminent One

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The-Whole-TruthThe Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God – the foundation for truth. But, is it the whole truth? Are there other books that should have been included in the Bible – like the Apocrypha or the Gnostic Writings? What about the Mormon claim that the book of Mormon is additional Scripture? In other words, are the 66 traditional books of the Bible the complete record of God’s word to mankind? In this series of studies, Dan Hayden seeks to answer these questions in a clear and thoughtful manner.


6 CDs $14 

The Whole Truth – God’s Complete Revelation – by Dr. Dan Hayden •

  1. The OLD TESTAMENT (39 Hebrew Writings)
  2. The Apocrypha (15 Additional Books)
  3. The NEW TESTAMENT (27 Apostolic Writings)
  4. The Gnostic Writings (New Gospels, Acts & Apocalypses)
  5. The Book of Mormon (Claiming Divine Authority)
  6. God’s COMPLETE Revelation

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The Bible - reliable authority in the search for truthReality is the substance of life and truth reflects what is real. Yet, the nagging question persists – is there such a thing as absolute truth? This is exactly what the Bible claims for itself, that it is the source and foundation of truth. Now, of course, claims without verification are meaningless. So, the question is – can this outrageous claim by the Bible be verified in the crucible of reality? This study probes the answer to that question. These lessons are based on the book DID GOD WRITE THE BIBLE? by Dan Hayden. Reading the appropriate chapter as indicated for each lesson will greatly enhance the value of this study.

8 CDs $16 

The Bible – Reliable Authority in the Search for Truth – by Dr. Dan Hayden •

  1. The Bible’s Audacious Claim (Chapter 2 – CLAIMS)
  2. Harmony, Design, and Reliability (Chapter 3 – HARMONY)
  3. Soaring over the Prognosticators (Chapter 4 – PROPHECY)
  4. Wow! What an Impact (Chapter 1 – IMPACT)
  5. An Indispensable Book (Chapter 6 – REVELATION)
  6. Achieving the Impossible (Chapter 7 – INSPIRATION)
  7. Bridging the Gap (Chapter 9 – TRANSMISSION)
  8. Reading Virtual Realities (Chapter 10 – TRANSLATIONS)


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Shadows of the CrossIt took five separate and distinct sacrificial offerings to expose what Jesus’ death on the cross would accomplish for us. Three sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed how Jesus fulfilled our deficiency to truly love God and our neighbor, while the non-sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed the payment of our eternal debt for every sin we commit.

This study probes each of the offerings recorded in Leviticus 1-7 to see how Jesus cared for every aspect of our spiritual need.

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Shadows of the Cross – by Dr. Dan Hayden •
Comprehending the full scope of Christ’s death on the cross

  1. The Sum of the Offerings – 5 Awesome Shadows
  2. Loving God Perfectly – The Burnt Offering
  3. Loving Others Completely – The Meal Offering
  4. Communion with God – The Peace Offering
  5. Crucified with Christ – The Sin Offering
  6. Cleansed by the Blood – The Trespass Offering


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Understanding the Book of RevelationGrasping the Big Picture •

Dr. Dan Hayden •

For people who know something about the Bible, the Book of Revelation really is intriguing. Most people expect that it reveals some very important things about the future… and it does. Yet for many, the book remains a mystery because there is so much symbolic language and situations that are hard to understand and put together – a scroll with seven seals, seven angels blowing trumpets, bowls of wrath poured out upon the earth – what does it all mean?

The Book of Revelation was not written to confuse us, but rather to bless those who read it. In two powerful sessions, Dan explains the sequence and emphasis of the book in terms that every Christian can understand.

2 CDs $6

  • Understanding Revelation, Part 1 – Sequence and Emphasis (Chapters 1-11) – Time: 49:40
  • Understanding Revelation, Part 2 – Counting the Days (Chapters 12-22) – Time: 50:00

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The End is Near - ObadiahObadiah
The Edomites were a proud people who postured themselves as enemies of the God of heaven. Like other nations before and after them, they were ripe for God’s judgment. Using the apocalyptic Day of the Lord as the focus of his prophecy, Obadiah explains why Edom will be judged by God. On a personal level, this prophecy is a poignant illustration of God’s wrath against the flesh, which is the Edom in each of us.
In six stimulating lessons, Dan unfolds the message of Obadiah. Phrase by phrase, the prophecy of God against the Edomites (and the flesh) is revealed as culminating in the great Day of the Lord, when God’s wrath will be unleashed against all the nations. The End is Near is a powerful study of the shortest book in the Old Testament.
6 CDs$14


  1. The Fighting Twins – Obadiah 1-2
  2. Lofty Deception – Obadiah 3-6
  3. That Let Down Feeling – Obadiah 7-9
  4. Day of Reckoning – Obadiah 10-14
  5. Poetic Justice – Obadiah 15-16
  6. New Day Dawning – Obadiah 17-21

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