Dr. Dan Hayden •

Do you struggle with the temptation to worry? Many do. There is a better way, though – and that is to let God keep you from worry.

Worry is a significant problem for most of us, but God says we can conquer worry through prayer. So, let me ask you… which phrase best describes your approach to life: “Why worry, when you can pray?” or “why pray when you can worry?” Now, I’m not asking “which one do you wish were true?” but, “which one actually characterizes the way you live?” Do you pray continually about everything so that you worry about nothing – or do you worry about everything, giving evidence of the fact that really you don’t pray about much at all?


Isaiah 26:3, speaking of God, says: “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusts in Thee.” “You will keep” – that’s something God will do for us.

This is a Hebrew word that means “to watch over; to guard; to protect.” It’s a word to describe what God will do for us. It is a simple statement of fact that God will watch over us as we trust Him. In other words, He is a faithful God and true to His Word. As a Father watches over his children, so God will watch over us and protect us.

So – is your mind on your problems, or is you mind on God? In our prayers, we simply need to begin with God, and realize that He has promised to keep us when we bring our concerns to Him. In the midst of our problems, God is keeping us in His loving care. And if we are willing to trust Him, He will give us His peace. Now isn’t that a good thing to know? So – that’s our word for today. “You will keep.”

And remember – God’s a keeper! “He will keep” you!