Dr. Dan Hayden • 

So—what is the will of God for your life? Well, there may be some question about that. But one thing is for sure—it is always His will that you show respect for authority.

.In 1 Peter 2:13-14, Peter says that we are to submit to the authority of kings and governors. Then in verse 15, he drives it right to the heart by saying, “For such is the will of God.” That’s pretty plain. It is God’s will for you to submit to authority.

The word “will” here refers to a specific choice or volitional desire. It literally means to determine or choose. In other words, God has specifically determined that submission to authority is a mandatory requirement for humanity—including Christians.


This is one aspect of God’s will that you don’t have to pray over. You don’t have to seek additional counsel, and you don’t have to wrestle over your decision. Listen, submission to authority is not an optional matter. It is a binding imperative—“For this is the will of God.”

When an election is over, you may be either happy or disappointed over who won. But regardless—you now have to accept the result and realize that it is God’s will for you to respect the authority of the office. Whether you like your new president or vice president, or other elected officials or not—obedience to their authority is not an option. It is the will of God.

Say—if you want to pray about something, pray that you will have a good attitude about submitting to authority.