Dr. Dan Hayden

“I don’t care—whatever! Do what you want.” As a term of disdain, whatever is a popular response. We tend to use it when frustrated in the tension of an argument—“Whatever!” It basically says “I’m done. The argument is over.”

The current climate of political turmoil in the 2016 Presidential Election has tended to elicit that kind of response in me. Of course I care about the consequences of electing the wrong person. I’m a conservative nationalist, not a liberal globalist. I care about financial responsibility, not excessive spending, and I put less government over more government. This election year, character and integrity are out the window and favorability ratings for both candidates are scraping the bottom; therefore, I’m not voting for the person—I’m voting for what I believe is best for America.

“Whatever” is still my response, however—not as a citizen of the United States of America, but as a citizen of the Kingdom of God. I care very much about the outcome of the election, but it will make no difference in who I am and what I do. My allegiance to Jesus Christ and His purposes in the world towers above any political concern. He is the One who sets up rulers and removes rulers. We are about to see what He will do with America.

My service to Christ does not depend on governmental freedom or repression. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has prevailed over every type of political system. A free environment is certainly easier, but a hostile authority may be even better. Witness what is happening in Communist China, and you will get my point.

So, my spiritual response to the election is—whatever! Whoever . . . whenever . . . and whatever happens in the affairs of men cannot thwart the sovereign plan of God in the world. As a Christian, I’m more concerned with cooperating with His agenda than insisting on what I might prefer. In the end, Christ will prevail, not any government of man.

The fact that my response to the election is “Whatever!” does not mean that I am unconcerned or indifferent. It’s just that I see a bigger picture where God is orchestrating His plan. He can even use evil to accomplish His good. So—WHATEVER!


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