Dr. Dan Hayden • 

The fire was raging out of control and every minute was crucial as they waited for fire fighters to arrive. Finally they came with their equipment and hoses. It had only taken them five minutes to respond, and because of their timeliness, they were able to save the house.

In times of trouble – help is wonderful. But timely help is even better. That’s what Psalm 46:1 says about God’s help – it is very timely. This verse says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” He is our very present help!

The word here for “present” means “to come forth, to appear.” It has the idea of arriving and being present. God is there when we are in trouble. But there is a little adjective used with this word that intensifies it. It is the word “very” – a “very present help.” This little word is sometimes translated by words like “exceedingly, great, very much, utterly.” You see, God is exceedingly present. That means He’s not just present, He’s also very involved.


Our son and daughter-in-law are missionaries in Slovakia, and recently they came upon a very bad automobile accident just moments after it happened. One man was dead, and others were badly injured. Our son and his wife stopped and began to help. They applied first aid and anything they could think to do until the emergency medical people arrived. The interesting thing about that incident is that many other people stopped, too. But they just stood at a distance and watched. They were present, but they were not helping. On the other hand, Rob and Rhinda were very present. They were intimately involved – a “very present help in trouble.” Well, that’s the way God is with us. He’s a very present help in trouble.

Say! God isn’t just there when you have problems. He’s really there!