Understanding the Book of RevelationGrasping the Big Picture •

Dr. Dan Hayden •

For people who know something about the Bible, the Book of Revelation really is intriguing. Most people expect that it reveals some very important things about the future… and it does. Yet for many, the book remains a mystery because there is so much symbolic language and situations that are hard to understand and put together – a scroll with seven seals, seven angels blowing trumpets, bowls of wrath poured out upon the earth – what does it all mean?

The Book of Revelation was not written to confuse us, but rather to bless those who read it. In two powerful sessions, Dan explains the sequence and emphasis of the book in terms that every Christian can understand.

Understanding the Book of Revelation - Study Notes

Understanding the Book of Revelation – Study Notes

2 CDs – $6 C133

NOTE: Understanding the Book of Revelation CD set is no longer available, but you may listen to both messages below.

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Understanding the Book of Revelation
– Grasping the Big Picture – by Dan Hayden


  1. Understanding Revelation, Part 1 – Sequence and Emphasis (Chapters 1-11)


  2.  Understanding Revelation, Part 2 – Counting the Days (Chapters 12-22)