Truth MattersDiscovering the Relational Side of Truth

It’s not enough to know the Bible; you also have to know Christ. That’s what makes truth a living reality.

 Truth is nothing but stagnant reality unless it is infused with a living dynamic. The Bible presents truth as both rational (the Word of God) and relational (the person of Christ) – but the emphasis is clearly on building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Discover the importance of understanding the relational side of truth as the crucial balance to biblical knowledge. In this series, Dan Hayden will guide you through an exciting study of the teachings of Jesus in Matthew chapter 16.

6 CDs$14


  1. Infusing Life into Truth – John 5:39-40


  2. When Truth begins to Live – Matthew 16:24


  3. Getting Out of the Way – Matthew 16:25


  4. Dying to Make a Difference – Matthew 16:26


  5. In Pursuit of the Truth – Matthew 16:27


  6. The Man who left us with no Excuse – Hebrews 11:24-27