by Dr. Dan Hayden •

Last year when I wrote my book, Crafted by God, I included the following dedication to Dr. Howard Hendricks, beloved “Prof”  at Dallas Theological Seminary.

With great appreciation for your profound influence on my life and ministry:

As a teacher, you instilled in me a passion to learn.

As a motivator, you encouraged me to go beyond my perceived limitations.

As a communicator, you enthralled and inspired me with the wonders of God’s Word.

As a creative thinker, you taught me how to observe beyond the obvious.

As a spiritual leader and man of God – the example of your life became the aspiration of my heart.

To a large extent, you are the human inspiration behind what is written in this book.

Along with hundreds of your other students, I praise God for you with a deep sense of gratitude.


Howard Hendricks went to be with the Lord in February 2013. 
Click the following link to see his tribute:
Howard G. Hendricks (1924-2013) – Dallas Theological Seminary

Watch the following 30 minute video of one of Dr. Hendrick’s last chapel messages titled,
“The Ultimate Final Exam.”