Dr. Dan Hayden • 

UPS delivers a package, and everybody wonders who it is for. Then someone says, “Hey, it’s for you!” And suddenly it all becomes very personal. “It’s for you” makes you very interested in what it might be.

In Isaiah 9:6 the prophet delivers an interesting package. He says, “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;…and his name will be called…Mighty God…”

Now you know that this is a great prophecy, filled with encouragement; but then you notice the words, “to us.” A child “will be born to us;” a Son “will be given to us.” “To us” is repeated twice in the Hebrew text, and that turns the whole prophecy into a very practical revelation.


In the context, “to us” refers to Israel; but from our vantage point of fulfilled prophecy, it is a reference to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. This special gift of a divine Savior, born as a child, is a gift delivered from heaven to us.

Listen, Christmas is not just a holiday—it is more like a birthday. It’s Jesus’ birthday, but the gift is given to you. It is very personal. You see, the Son of God came into our world for the express purpose of dying for your sins. Therefore, when He was born, it was especially for you! So this Christmas, understand how personal it all is. The child was born to us. The Son was given to us.

Say, do you realize that the greatest Christmas present of all has your name on it?!