Dr. Dan Hayden • 

God just said, “Let there be” – and things came into existence. He just spoke, and out of the power of his own nature, the world was created.

In Colossians 1:16, three prepositions are used when referring to the fact that Jesus created all things. It says that “all things were created by Him, and through Him and for Him.” Actually, it’s that second one I want us to think about today. Only the New King James Version catches the change in preposition here, and translates it correctly as “through Him” rather than “by Him.”

This is the Greek preposition dia, and it means “through.” We have it in our English word “diameter”—the meter that goes through the circle.


Now we may understand how everything was created by Him, and it is certainly reasonable that it was created for Him. But what does it mean, that it was created “through” Him? Well, a general contractor may build a house. It is built by him; but he may do it through the talents of others – the carpenters, the electricians, and the plumbers. On the other hand, if he does it all himself without any help, then it’s not only built by him, it’s also built through him.

Jesus created all things through the power of His own nature. He simply said, “Let there be…,” and out of the energy of His omnipotence, the universe spun into being. All things were created through Him.

Say—Isn’t it awesome that Jesus didn’t need any building materials when He created the world? That’s amazing!