Dr. Dan Hayden

What is the prophetic significance of Britain leaving the European Union? That question is on the mind of every student of biblical prophecy.

Brexit, or Britain’s exit from the EU, certainly qualifies as a major event in the course of nations. Only time will tell if this emerges as a grand shift in our understanding of end-time events—or if it is a mere blip in the kaleidoscope of international changes. The temptation to say something notable as a teacher of Bible prophecy certainly hangs in the air, but trying to pinpoint a specific chapter and verse in the Bible to explain how British politics affects the overall prophetic scenario would no doubt border on sensationalism. So, I’m content to wait and continue observing.

Similar questions have been raised concerning the prophetic implications of ISIS and international terrorism, Russian expansionism by Putin, the Greek economic implosion, and the growth of Chinese influence in the world. My answer to these questions usually centers around the idea of stage setting. God does seem to be arranging the international landscape to accommodate His end game. One day everything will be in place and the prophetic picture will be too clear to miss. Until then we continue to work the puzzle, searching for the right pieces and putting back the pieces we thought might fit but have come to realize don’t fit after all.

This is not to imply that there is nothing to say about major current events as we seek to discover their possible significance in the scope of Bible prophecy. We can certainly speculate about “what ifs” as long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously. So, perhaps you won’t mind humoring me as I tinker with ideas about how Brexit may fit into the prophetic picture.


It all began in 1957 when a Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community (EEC), which became active on January 1, 1958. Six European nations signed the initial agreement—Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Great Britain was skeptical and refused to participate. It took fifteen years for the British to warm up to the idea of a cooperative union of European nations. They reluctantly joined the Union in 1973, along with Denmark and Ireland. Their enthusiasm for the Union has always been tempered by skepticism as evidenced by their reluctance to adopt the Euro as its currency.

About that time, prophecy gurus went crazy pontificating about the emerging possibility of a fulfillment of Daniel’s (Daniel 7:7) and John’s (Revelation 17:12) prophecy of a unified European kingdom of ten horns (or kings). When Greece joined the Union eight years later (1981), prophecy teachers were convinced that this was it—until Portugal and Spain joined in 1986, followed by Austria, Finland, and Sweden in 1995, and ten more nations in 2004. Eventually there were 28 nations and the euphoric idea that the European Union would fulfill the ten horns scheme of nations finally sank into oblivion.

The EU has undoubtedly played a significant role in propelling Europe toward the part it will ultimately play in the Antichrist’s final kingdom—but a cloud of mystery now hangs over the European continent with regard to its future.

Britain has taken the bold step of exiting the European Union, but many are saying that this may serve to embolden other nations to do the same. The EU establishment in Brussels seems to have created a bureaucratic mess which, apart from financial benefits, have left member countries suffering from the EU’s political overreach.

My point here is that the stirring of the European pot may have just begun with Brexit. The EU puzzle piece once looked enticing as a possible fit into the prophetic picture, but now—maybe not. On the other hand, it will be interesting to observe what happens next.



Lust for political power may be the aphrodisiac that pulses through the veins of arrogant leaders, but financial wealth drives the political machine. Rich nations are more powerful than poor nations, which simply illustrates the point that economics trumps politics. For instance, even the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq would be dead in the sand without obscene amounts of revenue from oil and other sources.

Power is definitely tied to wealth, and that seems to be the greatest concern with Brexit. Brussels is nervous about how Britain’s exit from the EU will affect Europe’s economy. Dissenters in England, as well as the people of Scotland, are equally concerned over the financial implications of severing ties with the EU. The major issue seems to be money.

Globalization of the world’s financial markets has long been an avowed goal of the New World Order. The European Union seemed to be on the fast track of ultimate influence in world economics, and American liberals appeared to be salivating over hitching the U.S. financial wagon to Europe’s speeding train. Then the dollar fell and the Euro declined. Many European nations began to face possible bankruptcy due to entitlement spending, and Greece almost seceded from the European Union. All has not been well with the EU for some time now.

So, my evaluation of Brexit is simple: forget politics, follow the money. In the March 2016 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), London beat New York City as the world’s leading financial center. Britain may suffer a slight setback in its financial status, but economic gurus are minimizing the damage. Without the burden of EU mandates that hinder the British economy, London will no doubt rebound.

On the other hand, Germany is now the undisputed financial leader of the EU (absent the balancing effect of England)—and other European nations seem to be worried about that. Germany doesn’t have the best reputation in the neighborhood and nationalism is on the rise. Europe is changing and our prophetic theories will have to take that into account.

Perhaps we should be looking at financial centers rather than at a political union of independent states. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is headquartered in Basil, Switzerland with a membership of 60 central banks from around the world. According to Revelation 13, financial globalization is inevitable. Economics is the key to the to the Antichrist’s kingdom, not politics. Maybe the ten horns (kings) of Daniel and Revelation are the top 10 financial centers of the world that eventually control the world’s economy. Participating in that economy (buying or selling – Revelation 13:17) will require having the international code tattooed to your body. As a financial power, Britain will no doubt be a part of that system.

Actually, I have no idea what is going to happen. I’m just thinking out loud here. Yet, Brexit is the most recent event turning my head from European politics to world economics. I do think that Europe will play a significant role in end-time events—but perhaps not as I originally imagined. The world is changing. I will continue to study the prophetic Scriptures and will remain an avid observer of our times. But my focus is a little different now—I’m following the money.