The-Whole-TruthThe Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God – the foundation for truth. But, is it the whole truth? Are there other books that should have been included in the Bible – like the Apocrypha or the Gnostic Writings? What about the Mormon claim that the book of Mormon is additional Scripture? In other words, are the 66 traditional books of the Bible the complete record of God’s word to mankind? In this series of studies, Dan Hayden seeks to answer these questions in a clear and thoughtful manner.


6 CDs $14 

The Whole Truth – God’s Complete Revelation – by Dr. Dan Hayden •

  1. The OLD TESTAMENT (39 Hebrew Writings)
  2. The Apocrypha (15 Additional Books)
  3. The NEW TESTAMENT (27 Apostolic Writings)
  4. The Gnostic Writings (New Gospels, Acts & Apocalypses)
  5. The Book of Mormon (Claiming Divine Authority)
  6. God’s COMPLETE Revelation