The Living Word - DVDA Thematic Overview of the Bible •

The Bible, the Word of God is alive and well! Using the analogy of the human form, Dan Hayden leads an amazing study on the themes of Scripture. How are the gospels like the head of a body? Could the truths of the New Testament stand without the legs of the Old Testament for support? And how are Paul’s letters to Timothy like the life blood of the Bible? Every book of Scripture fits perfectly into a master plan of form and function. Eight hour-long sessions on four DVDs.

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  1. A Mosaic of Christ
  2. The Gospels and Acts
  3. The Pastorals
  4. The Writings and The Epistles Part 1
  5. The Epistles Part 2
  6. The Pentateuch and Major Prophets
  7. Historical Books and Minor Prophets
  8. Unifying Systems

The Living Word - WorkbookTHE LIVING WORD WORKBOOK

A 68-page spiral-bound workbook to accompany the DVD seminar above. Compliments and provides complete notes for the DVD series.
68-page spiral-bound workbook$7