The End is Near - ObadiahObadiah
The Edomites were a proud people who postured themselves as enemies of the God of heaven. Like other nations before and after them, they were ripe for God’s judgment. Using the apocalyptic Day of the Lord as the focus of his prophecy, Obadiah explains why Edom will be judged by God. On a personal level, this prophecy is a poignant illustration of God’s wrath against the flesh, which is the Edom in each of us.
In six stimulating lessons, Dan unfolds the message of Obadiah. Phrase by phrase, the prophecy of God against the Edomites (and the flesh) is revealed as culminating in the great Day of the Lord, when God’s wrath will be unleashed against all the nations. The End is Near is a powerful study of the shortest book in the Old Testament.
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  1. The Fighting Twins – Obadiah 1-2
  2. Lofty Deception – Obadiah 3-6
  3. That Let Down Feeling – Obadiah 7-9
  4. Day of Reckoning – Obadiah 10-14
  5. Poetic Justice – Obadiah 15-16
  6. New Day Dawning – Obadiah 17-21