Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Recently we had a private contractor doing some special projects in our home. He was very good at what he did, but we discovered that he was not reliable. He always had excuses why he couldn’t come and finish the job. We’re still waiting!

David concludes the 23rd Psalm by saying, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” Now that’s a confident statement in the character of God. His goodness and mercy are things you can count on. God is reliable, and you can take that to the bank.

This word “surely” is a Hebrew adverb that means “certainly.” It is a word of affirmation, and carries the idea of “firmly.” There’s no doubt in this word. The ideas expressed are firm – they will certainly happen.


Now, what is it that David is so sure about? Well, he’s sure that the goodness and mercy of the Lord will follow him all the days of his life. Sheep that have a trustworthy shepherd are fortunate sheep. They can count on being fed and watered. They can count of being led and protected. They can count on being loved and cared for. They can count on these things.

Haddon Robinson in his book on the 23rd Psalm comments on the word, surely, by saying: “Surely goodness and mercy will pursue me. Surely – because God has never failed me in the past. Surely – because He does not begin a work He does not complete. Surely – because the united testimony of all of His saints attests with David that He never fails or forsakes. If the Lord is your Shepherd and you are His sheep, you will not want for goodness and mercy. Surely, they will follow you all the days of your life.” Now, isn’t that good to know! The goodness of the Lord and the mercy of the Lord are something you can count on.

Listen! God is a “surely” kind of Person. He is totally trustworthy – He always keeps His word!