Dr. Dan Hayden • 

When Jesus Christ comes to earth again in His Second Coming, He will come as the “Son of Man.” Now, that’s an awesome title. Let me tell you what it means.

In Matthew 16:27, after telling His disciples to follow Him, Jesus said, “For the Son of Man is going to come…and will then recompense every man according to his deeds.” This is one of the verses in the Bible that talks about the glory of Christ’s coming, and it says that He will come using the title “Son of Man.”

This is a Greek phrase here. It is the common word for son, and the generic word for mankind – anthropos – where we get the word “anthropology,” the study of mankind. Essentially, it means that the One coming has a legitimate relationship with the human race – He is a son of mankind. Yet, there is more to this phrase than the simple meaning of the words. Actually, it is an Old Testament phrase, used by Daniel the prophet.


In Daniel 7, Daniel sees an incredible vision of God (whom he calls “The Ancient of Days). Then he says in verses 13 and 14,
“I kept looking in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven One like a Son of Man was coming, and He came up to the Ancient of Days and was presented before Him. And to Him was given dominion, Glory, and a kingdom, That all the peoples, nations, and men of every language might serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion which will not pass away; And His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed.”

For Daniel, “Son of Man” is a title for the glorious Messiah – the One who will rule and reign on earth with all of the glory of God. So, you see, there is nobody more important and more glorious than the Son of Man.

Say—the Bible says that Jesus is the Son of Man. That means He really is the glorious Messiah!