Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Well, shut my mouth! That’s an old expression for “Now that’s amazing!” Actually, that’s what the kings of the earth are going to feel at the second coming of Christ.

There is no event in the history of the world that could ever compare to the spectacular nature of Christ’s second coming. Isaiah described it this way, in Isaiah 52:15: “…kings will shut their mouths on account of him; for what had not been told them they will see, and what they had not heard they will understand.” The kings of the world will be absolutely dumbfounded when Jesus appears to rule the earth. They will shut their mouths on account of Him.

The word, “shut” here, has the idea of “drawing together; hence: to close or shut.” Here it is used with the word for “mouth,” so it has the idea of drawing together the lips, or closing or shutting the mouth.


At Christ’s second coming the nations and kings will be overwhelmed by His appearance. They will be speechless! Their mouths will be closed.

Just think of Jesus as He is described in the first chapter of the Book of Revelation: He is robed in a white garment with a golden belt. His hair is white as wool. His eyes are like a flame of fire – a laser beam. His feet glow like metal in a blast furnace, and His voice is like the thunder of a mighty waterfall. His face is like looking at the noonday sun, and the words of His mouth cut like a two-edged sword. Wow! No wonder the kings will be speechless! They will see things they were never told about, and they will understand things they never heard. They will be absolutely overwhelmed! The “kings will shut their mouths on account of him.”

Say – you don’t have to be like those kings. You can know Jesus as your friend if you know Him as your Savior.