Shadows of the CrossIt took five separate and distinct sacrificial offerings to expose what Jesus’ death on the cross would accomplish for us. Three sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed how Jesus fulfilled our deficiency to truly love God and our neighbor, while the non-sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed the payment of our eternal debt for every sin we commit.

This study probes each of the offerings recorded in Leviticus 1-7 to see how Jesus cared for every aspect of our spiritual need.

6 CDs  – $14 


Shadows of the Cross – by Dr. Dan Hayden •
Comprehending the full scope of Christ’s death on the cross

  1. The Sum of the Offerings – 5 Awesome Shadows
  2. Loving God Perfectly – The Burnt Offering
  3. Loving Others Completely – The Meal Offering
  4. Communion with God – The Peace Offering
  5. Crucified with Christ – The Sin Offering
  6. Cleansed by the Blood – The Trespass Offering