Shadows of the CrossIt took five separate and distinct sacrificial offerings to expose what Jesus’ death on the cross would accomplish for us. Three sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed how Jesus fulfilled our deficiency to truly love God and our neighbor, while the non-sweet-savor offerings foreshadowed the payment of our eternal debt for every sin we commit.

This study probes each of the offerings recorded in Leviticus 1-7 to see how Jesus cared for every aspect of our spiritual need.

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NOTE: Shadows of the Cross CD set is no longer available, but you may listen to all six lessons below. Please support this ministry with your donation to keep this content available on-line.


Shadows of the Cross – by Dr. Dan Hayden •
Comprehending the full scope of Christ’s death on the cross

  1. The Sum of the Offerings – 5 Awesome Shadows


  2. Loving God Perfectly – The Burnt Offering


  3. Loving Others Completely – The Meal Offering


  4. Communion with God – The Peace Offering


  5. Crucified with Christ – The Sin Offering


  6. Cleansed by the Blood – The Trespass Offering