Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Some people are walking minus signs. They have developed complaining into a fine art, and they look as though they sucked on lemons for breakfast. Christians who sing the song of heaven in a minor key do not impress others with the richness of their faith.

It was King David who wrote the 23rd Psalm, and even though he faced a lot of trouble in his life, he had a positive view of the Lord as his Shepherd. He found that God never failed him, and that God’s provision for his life was poured from an overflowing cup. He wrote, “…my cup runneth over.”

The word “runneth over” is actually a Hebrew noun that means “an overflowing; an abundance.” It comes from a verb that means “to be satiated; to be soaked or drenched.” It’s like a sponge that is so saturated with water that it is dripping with the excess. Now that’s how David saw his life. In spite of the many challenges and hardships, the Lord had blessed him abundantly. He was drenched with the blessings of heaven.


I quoted Haddon Robinson as I began. Let me quote him again. He wrote of the Lord’s blessings by saying, “With Him, the calf is always the fatted calf; the robe is always the best robe; the joy is unspeakable; and the peace passes understanding. There is no grudging in God’s goodness. He does not measure His goodness by drops like a druggist filling a prescription. It comes to us in floods. If only we recognized the lavish abundance of His gifts, what a difference it would make in our lives. If every meal were taken as a gift from His hand, it would be almost a sacrament.”

You know, Haddon Robinson is right! When we take into account the spiritual blessings as well as the physical and emotional blessings we have to admit we are indeed a blessed people.
“My cup runneth over.”

Hey – do you look like you sucked on a lemon? Or does your face radiate with the joy of God’s blessings!