Dr. Dan Hayden • 

“I don’t get mad—I get even!” Ever hear anybody say that? Well, we’re going to talk about getting even today—God’s style.

In 1 Peter 2:14 God says that governors are sent by the King “…for the punishment of evildoers….” Now obviously this is one of the goals of government—to curtail crime and punish those who do wrong.

The word “punishment” here is a Greek word that means “vindication or vengeance; or righting what is wrong.” Literally, the word carries the idea of working out what is right. Punishment, therefore, is a right course of action against those who have done wrong. It is a way of making things right.


One of the issues in any election is what each candidate proposes to do about crime. They each appeal to the statistics, and each makes his point on this issue. The important question however, is “Are the candidates themselves above reproach?” When those in high office are immoral and are themselves breakers of the law, it creates confusion in the land.

President Clinton was impeached for his wrongdoing; but he was not convicted by the Senate. The whole country was torn apart by his wrong actions. Things were not right in the Oval Office. Yet there was no punishment for wrongdoing. Listen, God intends that government should exist for the punishment of evildoers. Things must be made right.

Hey—good character and personal integrity are important in our leaders. Think about that when you vote.