Prophecy Worldview - DVDAre we living in the Last Days?

In early 2010, Dan Hayden joined Brannon Howse for a series of Worldview Weekend Conferences. Dan’s Prophecy Worldview presentation was video recorded live in Tampa as two sessions and answers the question, “Are we living in the last days?” A knowledge of Bible prophecy is like insider trading – investments of life are more insightful.

•This live DVD includes all of the slides used in the presentation and provides a solid worldview perspective on biblical prophecy.
DVD / color / Full Program Time: 71 minutes – $7


Part 1 – Geo-Political Indications (41 minutes)
– Establishing the state of Israel
– Preparation for Gog’s invasion of Israel
– Resurrection of Middle East nations
– Revival of the old Roman Empire

Part 2 – Social and Global Indications (30 minutes)
– An international loss of character and integrity
– Jesus’ teaching on global birth pangs