Dr. Dan Hayden • 

When the angels gave their Christmas cantata to the shepherds in Bethlehem, they sang, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Peace on earth – that’s our subject for today.

In Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah said, “a child will be born to us… and his name will be… Prince of Peace.”

The word for “prince” here is the Hebrew word czar, meaning “master; head; chief; commander; ruler; leader; nobleman; prince.” It is the Semitic equivalent of the word “czar.” In other words, this child—this Son, will be called the Czar of Peace. He will be a ruler or leader from God with the power and authority to do something about peace on earth…and good will toward men.


Well, Jesus came 2,000 years ago, so why don’t we have “peace on earth?” Actually, the answer is simple. The world rejected God’s Son. They crucified the Prince of Peace. They spat in His face; they drove nails into His hands and feet; they mocked the One who is Prince of Peace. Listen. There is no lasting peace without Christ. That’s why peace is so illusive in our world. That’s why mankind is so frustrated as the world looks for peace in all the wrong places – everywhere except with God, and His Prince of Peace.

The good news, however, is that you can know God’s peace personally, if you will accept Jesus as your Savior, and walk with Him as your Lord, for He is “Czar shalom” – Prince of Peace.

This Christmas, remember: no Christ, no peace – but know Christ, know peace! Peace is not nearly as elusive as some people say it is. Actually, it is only a prayer away!