Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Did you vote? Well, if you did—good for you! You deserve to be commended.

In 1 Peter 2:14 it says that kings and governors are not only responsible to punish evildoers, but also to praise those who do well.

“Praise” is the Greek word, “epinos,” which carries the idea of approval and recognition. Actually the root “ieto” means praise, and the prefix “epi” adds the idea of “over or upon.” Literally, therefore, the word means “to heap praise upon; to fuss over with commendation.”


Now presidential citations and rewards for community service certainly qualify as “praise of those who do good.” But, what is even more needed in our country it seems, is a general climate of appreciation for what is good on the part of government—to encourage that which is good and right, and beneficial to our society.

Too many leaders are setting low standards of morality, and encouraging a sloppy approach to character and integrity. Consequently, people are finding it easy to rationalize bad behavior, because after all, leadership does it! Praise for well-doing seems to be at an all time low, and toleration for evildoing is on the increase. That is a lethal mix, and no society of people can long survive under those conditions.

Listen—we need to pray for our leaders…that they will once again raise the standard of moral goodness and become praisers of those who do well.

So—how high is your standard? Do you truly appreciate that which is good and right?