Dr. Dan Hayden • 

I have a sister who is a lot younger than I. In fact, when I came home from college one year, she wondered who that strange man was hugging her mother! I was not recognized in my own home, by my own sister.

When Jesus came home to the world which He had created, He wasn’t recognized in His own world. The Apostle John, in the prologue to his Gospel, put it this way: “He came to his own, and his own did not receive him” (John 1:11). Now, that had to be tough! He had created man to have fellowship with Himself, but man had become so sinful and so insensitive to God, that he did not even know his Maker when he was standing right before him!

The word, “own” is repeated twice in this verse, but there is a difference in how each word is used.

  • “He came unto his own…” is in the neuter gender (He came unto his own things);
  • And “…his own did not receive him…” is in the masculine gender (and His own people did not receive Him).

So the idea is that He came into the world which He had created, and the people in that world did not receive Him.

Now the word “own” is the Greek word idios, meaning “pertaining to oneself; particular to oneself.” Idios is where we get our English word, idiot (someone totally consumed with himself). Well, it isn’t nice to be called an idiot. But, if you are all wrapped up in yourself, that is exactly what you are. The people of this world were idiots for not recognizing their Creator. They were so wrapped up in themselves that they did not recognize the most significant person in the universe. How tragic! How stupid! How idiotic!


So, how about you? Have you recognized Jesus as the Creator of life – as your Savior and Lord? That is what He wants you to do, you know – because you are His own!

Now you know the real meaning of the word.

Remember this: If you are all wrapped up in yourself – you are an idiot.