Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Have you heard the chorus, “What a mighty God we serve – angels bow before Him – Heaven and earth adore Him – What a mighty God we serve!”? That’s a great song, but it’s an even greater truth.

In Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah speaks of a child that will be born to us – of a Son that will be given to us. And then he tells us that His name will be called “Mighty God.” “Mighty” is a term that is used for things that are strong and indestructible – like the athletic team, the Mighty Ducks, or like the cartoon character, Mighty Mouse.

But when this term is applied to God, it has a different connotation. It is the Hebrew word gibbor, which can mean “to be strong, mighty, or powerful.” But it is sometimes translated by words like “hero, or warrior, or leader.”


The idea, therefore, is not just that God is strong and indestructible. He is more than that! He is actually our strong hero – our powerful warrior – our mighty leader! It is the idea of might associated with a God who can save us.

You see, some people are just strong. They have big muscles, or they are just powerful, or have a lot of influence. But that’s all there is – they’re strong and powerful. Other people, however, use their strength to help others, as in an act of heroism. That’s what Isaiah is saying about Christ. As “Mighty God” He is not only strong and powerful – He is strong and powerful on our behalf. He is our mighty hero. He is Mighty God!

So – who’s your hero? Think about it! Only Jesus is “Mighty God!”