Listen to these two messages especially for Mothers by Dan Hayden:


Anxious HeartAnxious Heart: A Mother’s Peace of Mind

Exodus 2:1-10

When mothers release their children to God they can raise them in peace.
Jochabed – The Mother of Moses
A. Mothers are determined to raise their children to have the best (v.1-2). They are determined to provide for and protect their children.
B. Mothers face a dilemma in raising their children in a godless society (v.3-4). An impossible society and an improbable solution.
C. Mothers can experience delight in the providence of God (v.5-10). They can be delighted to see God’s provision and purpose.
Releasing children to God is a matter of choice (faith).



Mothers AloneMothers Alone: A Message of Encouragement

2 Timothy 1:5

  1. Introduction: Living in perilous times.
  2. Encouragement from God’s Word: Eunice, mother of Timothy
    —– Principles for raising children alone —–
  3. Pursue personal faith in Christ.
  4. Remain committed to the spiritual welfare of the children.
  5. Utilize the help and influence of family and friends.
  6. Expose the children to positive spiritual influences.
  7. Seek the influence of godly men as role models.



Dan’s wife, Karilee Hayden, has also written several articles for mothers in Karilee’s Korner.