Dr. Dan Hayden • 

A man was expressing his love to his fiancé. He said, “Listen, Hon, I may not have expensive clothes like John Brown, and I may not drive a fancy car like John Brown, and I may not have a beautiful yacht like John Brown, but I want you to know – I love you!” To which she responded, “I love you, too, sweetheart, but listen – tell me more about John Brown!”

That bit of humor is often the way we express our love to the Lord. We say that we love Him, but we’re really more interested in other things. In 2 Timothy 3, God begins by saying perilous times will come. Then He tells us why: “For [people] shall be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.”

So there you have it. When we lay our head on the pillow and dream of the things that turn us on, we’re more interested in ourselves, our possessions, and our pleasures, than we are in God and the things that are important to Him.

The word “lovers of God” is the compound word phil, which means “lover of,” attached to the word for God – Theos. So the word is philotheos – “lovers of God.” Now this word suggests that God wants our genuine love directed toward Him. He wants our passion and the desires of our hearts. He wants us to truly love Him. He doesn’t want us to say, “I love you Lord,” and then really be more interested in what the world has to offer. He wants us to put Him above everything else – including ourselves, our money, and our pleasures.


So, what about you? Is your love for the Lord merely lip service? Or can you truly say that you are a “lover of God”?

Hey! Actions speak louder than words, you know. So – can people tell that you love the Lord by the things you do?