Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Hey, what’s that smell? It’s terrible! A putrid odor was engulfing the interior of our car. Well, we found the culprit under the seat. In a Styrofoam carry-out box from a restaurant we had visited two weeks before was a thoroughly rotten piece of meat.

Do you know what the problem of self-indulgence is? Life turns rotten. That’s what Jesus said in Matthew 16:25. He said that if you’re going to come after Him, you need to deny yourself. “…For whoever will save his life, will lose it.” In other words, if you live life selfishly and simply try to protect your own interests – if you (in that sense) try to save yourself, you will lose it. Now that’s disturbing.

The word “lose” is the Greek word apollumi, which means “to ruin or destroy, or perish.” It is the very word used of Satan in Revelation 9:11 when he is called “Apollyon” – the destroyer.


Actually, in the New Testament this word is used of a number of things. In John 6:27 it is used in regard to food which perishes (rotten food). In James 1:11, it is used of flowers that fade in beauty (wilted flowers). In John 3:16 it refers to eternal destruction (whoever believes in Jesus will not perish). What a word! Certainly not one you want used to describe your life. Yet, for the people who live only for themselves, Jesus said – “you will lose it.” Life will turn out rotten. It will wilt right before your very eyes. And if you try to save your own life eternally, you will lose it eternally – you will perish. So, instead of living for yourself – live for Christ. That’s the only way not to lose your life.

Say – you may think you’re moving along pretty well. But if you’re not living for Christ, you’re on a fast-track to nowhere.