Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Did you know that God delights in turning heavy burdens into light afflictions? It’s one of the special things He does for those who love Him.

On one occasion, Jesus said, “Come unto Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me…for My yoke is easy, and My load is light” (Matthew 11:28-30). As you can see, Jesus is offering to turn a heavy burden into something that is light, and easier to bear. This appears to be what Paul is referring to in 2 Corinthians 4:17, when he says, “For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison.” Light affliction – that’s how he refers to the troubles of life for the person who is trusting in Christ.


This word “light,” is a word that means light in the sense of being insignificant or trivial. It comes from the Greek verb that means to make smaller in size. Therefore, what is heavy becomes smaller and easier to carry.

Now I’ve been a pastor long enough to know that some situations are downright tough: Someone is dying of cancer, or facing open-heart surgery. A spouse has walked away, or the financial bottom has dropped out. A significant loved one has died, or a beloved child has become wayward. These are heavy burdens, and hard to bear. But God is saying that we need to see even these things in the light of eternity. Compared to what God has prepared for us in eternity, even heavy burdens take on the appearance of “light” afflictions.

Say – Do you have a heavy burden? Why not bring it to Jesus. He’s really great at turning heavy into light!