Dan Hayden teaches Bible study series on the book of Joshua


Introduction to Joshua

Joshua was prepared by God for what he was going to do. Preparation is sometimes minimized in our world, but God often maximizes it. It is better to be prepared and have quality opportunity for a short time than to be unprepared and drizzling opportunity that doesn’t amount to much over a long period of time. God puts emphasis on and rewards preparation. (46:36)


Joshua, Chapter 1

Hebrews 3-4 provides insight from the New Testament on the book of Joshua. Is it a picture of salvation or santification? Then, Joshua chapter 1 begins with the death of Moses, the beginnings of Joshua’s command, and God’s instruction to possess the land and obey the Book. (49:20)


Joshua, Chapters 2-4

God is merciful to us. We are saved of the basis of the mercy of God. He will forgive us of our sins and take us unto Himself so we can enjoy Him as our God. Mercy is God not holding us accountable for our sins. The message of God’s mercy is beautifully illustrated in Joshua Chapter 2. (44:40)


Joshua, Chapters 5-8

Joshua chapter five concludes the section on Preparation, then the conquest of Jericho is recorded in chapter six, followed by the failure of Achin, and then the final conquest of Ai. (46:45)


Joshua, Chapters 11-12

Victory is a wonderful word. We sing about it and talk about it, but how can you actually live a victorious Christian life? The answer is found in a five letter word: Faith. That is the big word we find emphasized in the book of Joshua. They were willing to take God at His Word and they were victorious. (49:29)


Joshua, Chapters 20-21

Cities of Refuge and Cities of the Levites. (51:10)


Joshua, Chapters 22-24

Joshua 22 confronts us with a challenge to unity, followed by Joshua’s farewell in the final two chapters, one looking at the future and one looking at the past. It is a tremendous conclusion to this book of conquest and division. (56:05)