IRAQ in the crosshairs of historyWhat the Bible Says About the Future of Iraq •

by Dan Hayden • Many people are surprised to learn that the Bible begins in Iraq and ends in Iraq. Not only is Iraq prominent in the news, it is also very significant in the Bible. In the aftermath of two Gulf wars, perhaps you are wondering about Iraq’s future:

  • Will there ever be lasting peace in Iraq?
  • Can a representative government survive?
  • Will the rebuilding efforts be successful?

IRAQ: In the Crosshairs of Destiny takes the reader on a fascinating historical and prophetical journey through the Bible to the grand climax of a restored, magnificent city rising out of the ancient ruins of the once proud metropolis of Babylon (50 miles south of Baghdad). The reader will discover what the Bible says about Iraq and the great importance of Iraq to the biblical record and to the future of our world.

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“Dan Hayden has done a masterful job of pulling together all the strands of history and prophecy that intersect in the city of Babylon. From the Tower of Babel to Saddam Hussein – and on into the future – Dan shows the significant role that this city plays in God’s unfolding drama for this world. If you want to understand what is happening in the Middle East – and why – this is the book you need to read.”
Dr. Charles H. Dyer, Provost and Dean of Education – Moody Bible Institute