Dr. Dan Hayden • 

A number of months ago I moved my library. There were over 100 boxes of books, and as you might imagine, boxes of books are very heavy. But a number of guys knew of my need and said, “Don’t worry, Dan. We’ll do it for you.” Wow! What a help! An impossible task became easy because of their help.

There are lots of times when we need help; and if the truth were known, we often need help even when we don’t ask for it. That’s when a sincere offer to help is very much appreciated. In Psalm 46:1 we learn that God has extended to us an offer to help. The Psalm says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

How encouraging to know that as we face the troubles of life God is there to be our help. The word “help” in this verse is a Hebrew word that means “to assist or aid.” It comes from a root verb that means “to surround.” God surrounds us with His presence as a help in time of trouble.


Thirteen years ago I had a severely ruptured disk in my lower back that left me crippled and bedridden for three months. The temptation to discouragement and depression was great during those days. But as I turned my heart to the Lord, He surrounded me with His presence. He wasn’t a distant God. He was right there with me. Other people also helped as ambassadors of His grace. My wife, the people from our church, and other friends—they were all part of God’s mission to help me in my need.

So—what trouble are you facing? What desperate need do you have in your life? Just remember—God is not a distant God. He is there to help—to give comfort, and to uplift your spirit. God is indeed “a very present help in trouble.”

Hey—Reach out and help someone. God works through people, you know. Why not let Him work through you?!