Dr. Dan Hayden •

It is The Most High God that loves you – isn’t that amazing?

In Ephesians 3:18, Paul speaks of knowing the height of God’s love. This word “height” is used six times in the New Testament and is most often a reference to the high abode of God.

The Bible says – “For God so loved the world…” that’s the height of love. You see, the height of love is determined by the height of the lover; and there is nobody higher than God.

King Edward VIII was crowned King of England on January 20, 1936. But he had also fallen in love with Wallace Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee. The English parliament was upset and opposed Miss Simpson as their Queen. So King Edward had a choice to make – to be the King of England, or to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson. On December 11, 1936, just eleven months after being crowned King, Edward relinquished the throne and married the love of his life. Now King Edward was just a king.

But Jesus is The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords—one with The Most High God. He left His position and condescended to love us. The world is filled with amazing things, but this is the most amazing of all: that The Most High God should love you and me. That’s the height of love.

Remember—it is The Most High God that loves you!