He Tabernacled Among UsJohn – The Gospel of Christ’s Deity
John begins his gospel by telling us that Jesus is God and that he tabernacled (or, dwelled) among us. This Tabernacle motif then becomes the format for John’s presentation of the life of Christ. From the Brazen Altar to the Laver, and then on through the Holy Place to the Holy of Holies, the Gospel of John demonstrates that Jesus Christ is the God of heaven having come to earth.
Here is an overview study of John’s captivating portrait of Jesus set against the backdrop of the Old Testament Wilderness Tabernacle.
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  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Getting Our Bearings – Chapter 1
  3. Christ Our Cleansing – Chapter 2
  4. Christ Our Cleansing – Chapters 3-5
  5. Christ Our Sufficiency – Chapters 6-7
  6. Christ Our Wisdon – Chapter 8
  7. Christ Our Light – Chapters 9-12
  8. Pleasure of Fellowship with God – Chapters 13-17
  9. Experiencing God – Chapters 18-19
  10. The Glory of God – Chapters 20-21