Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Have you ever felt empty inside? You know—all your “get up and go, got up and went.” Well, Jesus deliberately emptied Himself. We’re going to talk about that today.

In Philippians 2:6-7, speaking of Jesus, it says, “Who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself…”

That is one of the most amazing things to know about Jesus. He deliberately and voluntarily emptied Himself. This word is a verb that means “to make empty, to make of no effect, to neutralize.” In the text of Philippians 2, it simply means that He humbled Himself.


The General was riding his horse along the supply line as wagons carried supplies to the front lines. Suddenly he came upon a wagon stuck in the mud. As two soldiers trained against the wheels to dislodge it, the General got down from his horse, laid aside his cape and sword, and put his shoulder to the wheel along with his men. In that act of humility, the General endeared himself to his troops beyond words.

Now that’s what Jesus did when He emptied Himself. Though He existed as God, He voluntarily stepped out of Heaven, laid aside His regal robes, and became a servant on our behalf. That’s what it means, that He “emptied” Himself. It simply means that He humbled Himself.

Say—Jesus didn’t just get us out of the mud. He died for our sins to save us from eternal death!