Dr. Dan Hayden • 

Planet earth is an amazing place. There is no other planet like it that can sustain life as we know it. “Earth” – that’s our word for today.

There are three things that comprise our world environment: Time – space – and mass. Well, in Genesis 1:1 we are introduced to the development of all three of these components: “In the beginning” – that’s time (beginning is a temporal concept); “…God created the heavens” – now that’s the spatial dimension, “and the earth” – that’s the material or mass dimension. So, in the first verse of the Bible we are given the entire spectrum of creation: time – space – and mass. Well, today we are interested in the mass, or matter component – “God created the . . . earth.

The word “earth” is the Hebrew word eretz, which is translated by various words like “land and ground and country.” Actually eretz comes from a root which means “to be firm.” Therefore, that which is solid, like solid ground or “terra firma” – firm earth.


In his commentary on Genesis, Dr. Henry Morris makes this comment on the creation of the earth:

The term “earth” refers to the component of matter in the universe. At the time of the initial creation, there were no other planets, stars, or other material bodies in the universe; nor did any of them come into being until the fourth day. The earth itself originally had no form to it, according to verse 2; so v. 1 must speak essentially of the creation of the basic elements of matter, which thereafter were to be organized into the structured earth.

God created the earth. Now you know the real meaning of the word.

Hey – the Bible says that God created everything out of nothing. Now, that is amazing!