Dr. Dan Hayden • 

It’s not fair! His piece if bigger than mine! I want a piece that’s big, too! It’s not fair!

Hey – things are not always even. Things are not always fair. They’re not always just. That’s simply the world we live in. Learning to deal with that is what maturity is all about. This was the lesson of Jesus’ trial. It wasn’t fair and it wasn’t just.

Listen to what Isaiah says in Isaiah 53:8: “He was taken from prison and from judgment; and as for His generation, who considered…” Isaiah is referring to the fact that Jesus was arrested and subjected to six trials, but no one came forth to speak on His behalf.

The word “considered” is a Hebrew word that means “to muse or meditate; to speak or consider.” In the Piel stem, it is an intense question: Who shall consider His case? Who shall utter a complaint? Who shall argue on His behalf? The implied answer is NO ONE.


According to Jewish Law, when a man is on trial for his life, someone is required to speak for him. Today we have the same law. A court-appointed defense attorney – a public defender is mandatory for each accused person at trial. But that never happened for Jesus. There were two false witnesses against Him, procured by the court (the Sanhedrin), but no one was there to speak for Him. Listen. There’s no question about it! The trial was a travesty of justice.

Have you ever been taken advantage of unfairly – your cause has not been fairly represented and there was no one to speak for you? That can be one of the most frustrating experiences of life – unless, of course, there is a higher court of appeal. Jesus was content to rest His case with a righteous God who would ultimately vindicate His life. “…and as for His generation, who considered…”

Say – you can rest your case, too, with the One who is faithful and true. He’ll make all things fair, and just, and right!