Dr. Dan Hayden • 

If the date of Christ’s birth is correct (and it probably isn’t), then we should celebrate March 25th as the virgin conception of Christ. You see, Christmas actually started nine months before we celebrate it.

Mary of Nazareth conceived as a virgin, but she also gave birth to her firstborn Son as a virgin. Both are significant. In Isaiah 7:14 it says, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son…” Conceive and bear” are two important words in the text.

Actually, “conceive” in the Hebrew text is an adjective – not a verb. In other words, it simply says she will be pregnant, which is what the word means. Therefore, the text literally says, “a pregnant virgin will bear a son.”


You see, it is not as some liberals have suggested that a virgin maiden would one day get married and conceive a child. Rather, the text is saying that this is a virgin maiden who is pregnant while she is still a virgin. Furthermore, the word “bear” used with it is a Hebrew form of the verb that refers to something actually happening, rather than a future idea. So the text literally says, “Behold, a pregnant virgin is bearing a son.”

The point is this: She is still a virgin while she is giving birth. You see, the virgin conception and the virgin birth are both emphasized in this verse. Matthew 1:25 say that Joseph, “kept her a virgin until she gave birth to a son.” So Isaiah said, “a pregnant virgin is bearing a son…” Conception and birth would both happen while Mary was a virgin.

Hey – the virgin birth is more important than you may think. Jesus Christ can’t be your Savior without it!