Dr. Dan Hayden

Dr. Dan Hayden

Throughout its existence, A Word from the Word has clearly been a personality-driven ministry—that is, 35 years of Dan Hayden’s Bible teaching, shared nationally and internationally through this nonprofit ministry, originally called Christolized Ministries. An intrinsic problem exists with personality based ministries, however. When the personality is unable to carry on because of health issues or death, the ministry often dies. This has led Dan to think about perpetuity—the idea of continuing AWFTW beyond his lifetime.

In the providence of God, Dan’s desire for a long-lasting continuance of A Word from the Word will begin to become a reality. As of September 2016, AWFTW will partner with Horizon Education Network, a ministry based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Horizon is experiencing rapid growth as a premier distance learning education network designed to provide accredited biblical training for the international body of Christ. Facilitating course work in a growing number of languages, Horizon harnesses new learning technologies in the development of courses and programs of study that are culturally sensitive.

Since Horizon is exclusively international in scope, they have been praying for a U.S.A. English-based education ministry to partner with them to complete their scope of outreach. Rob Hayden, (Dan & Karilee’s son) is the Vice President of Academics for Horizon; therefore, they have long been aware of AWFTW and the studies God has enabled Dan to produce. With very little modification, these studies stand ready to be turned into engaging Bible studies for individuals and small groups.

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This is exactly what Horizon has been looking for. Consequently, Horizon has invited A Word from the Word to partner with them in providing doctrinally sound expositional studies for believers in the U.S.A. and Canada. Horizon has expressed an interest in perpetuating AWFTW as an integral part of their network, even when Dan is no longer able to continue teaching. In the meantime, Dan will remain the Director and principle teacher of AWFTW.

Beginning this fall (2016), AWFTW will unveil a restructured format for its ministry, focusing on a Biblical Learning Center. A process has already begun to produce Bible study manuals for all of our products. Four of these manuals have already been written, and the first one is currently at the printer. In the meantime, all of our CD and DVD studies will include extensive printed notes to be purchased or downloaded free from the Internet. Our goal is to provide biblically sound Christ-centered studies for individuals, adult classes, and small groups.

So, with full confidence in God’s leading, we are moving A Word from the Word from Orlando to Grand Rapids, Michigan to partner with Horizon Education Network. AWFTW will remain a separate nonprofit corporation, dependent upon the gifts of God’s people. Nothing will change except our location. We will maintain the same website, same engaging Bible studies, and same Bible teacher, Dan Hayden. Until further notice, most likely several months, we will continue to use the same Orlando address—PO Box 690965, Orlando, FL 32869. And for a short time (beginning 26 August 2016), orders will be put on hold until we’re up and running again.

Please pray for us as we make this transition to Michigan. We are anticipating an expanded ministry with an even greater influence for the cause of Christ.

By the grace of God, in Christ,

Dan Hayden