When Life's a WreckWalking with Christ Through the Trials of Life • 

by Dan Hayden • Life is full of storms. You can’t avoid them in this fallen world, whether you are in financial trouble, have a troubled marriage, lose a loved one, or battle a debilitating illness. Sometimes these storms stretch you to the limit of your faith. Thankfully God does not abandon us to weather these storms alone. Nor did God abandon the apostle Paul on his turbulent journey across the eastern Mediterranean Sea. In this book, Dan Hayden examines the account of that journey in Acts 27-28 and gleans practical wisdom for weathering life’s inevitable storms.

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When Life's a Wreck CDsWhen Life’s a Wreck is also available on digital audio CD as a series of six full-length messages by Dan Hayden:

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NOTE: The When Life’s a Wreck CD set is no longer available, but you may listen to all six lessons below. Your donation helps to keep this content available on-line.


  1. Against the Wind (Acts 27:1-8)
  2. Taking Chances with Life (Acts 27:9-26)
  3. Sensing the Worst (Acts 27:27-37)
  4. Surviving the Wreck (Acts 27:38-44)
  5. Coming Back and Going On (Acts 28:1-16)
  6. When a Problem Becomes a Pulpit (Acts 28:17-31)