Rethinking the Body of ChristA Study on the Nature and Purpose of the Church •
As we have begun the 21st Century, the church seems to be experiencing an identity crisis. Not only is the church being revised by our contemporary culture – it is being reinvented. In fact, the Emergent Church is going a step further by redefining truth. So, what is the true church, and to what extent should the church adapt to prevailing contemporary thought? A study of the Body of Christ provides definite answers for this controversial subject.
8 CDs$16


  1. Jesus Wears Shoes – The Church is the Body of Christ
  2. Fixin’ What Ain’t Broke – Evaluating Contemporary Changes
  3. Heads Up – Knowing the Mind of Christ
  4. Too Many Chiefs – Leaders are Not Heads
  5. Smooth Move – Making Wise Decision
  6. Fit for Life – Equipping the Saints for Ministry
  7. Partners Together – Women Are Important Too
  8. Dressing for the Occasion – Creative Thinking and Cultural Adaption