Dr. Dan Hayden • 

When I was a kid we had a lady principal at our grade school who was something of a tyrant. At least we kids thought so. It was a terrifying experience to be sent to the principal’s office. I don’t remember ever seeing her smile.

In Ephesians 6 we are given instruction with regard to the spiritual battle that we, as Christians, can wage against the forces of evil. And in verse 12 we are told to “wrestle against the principalities.” Now principalities are the highest echelons of the angelic world. When speaking of evil angels, they are just under the power of Satan himself. These angels are like executives in a company who run the company for the president, and who exercise authority over all of the managers and employees.

The word “principalities” is the Greek word arche, which refers to someone who is first in political rank or power. We get our word “arch” from this word – an archangel is the first angel. An archbishop is the first bishop. So in Ephesians 6:12, Paul informs us that we wrestle against the “arche” – the highest ranking angels in Satan’s organized system.


Actually, the Bible seems to indicate that these principalities are concerned mostly with governmental leaders – with heads of state, with kings, with presidents. It’s the picture of evil angels influencing governments and seeking to thwart the plan of God in the world. It is an awesome scene, and we are caught up in it! So, how do we “wrestle against principalities?” Well, we do it through prayer. We do it when we pray for our president and Vice President. We do it when we pray for our Senators and Congress people. That’s an important part of our ministry as Christians, and we dare not neglect it, for “we wrestle against principalities.”

Say – There’s more going on in politics than meets the eye. We really need to pray for our governmental leaders.