The Prayer PuzzleRomans 8:26-30

Prayer is a wonderful provision of God for His people. We can have instant audience with God at any time to simply enjoy His presence, or to talk over the concerns of life. Yet, sometimes we just don’t know what to pray.
Prayer can sometimes be a mystery, especially when God answers differently than the way we’ve prayed. In The Prayer Puzzle three-part series by Dan Hayden, that mystery is probed and answers are given that add a new excitement to the privilege of prayer.

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NOTE: The Prayer Puzzle CD set is no longer available, but you may listen to all three lessons below.
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The Prayer Puzzle – Romans 8:26-30 – by Dr. Dan Hayden •


  1. The Prayer Puzzle


  2. The Missing Pieces: The Partnership of the Holy Spirit


  3. The Missing Pieces: The Providential Care of the Father