Name Above All NamesJesus Christ our Savior and Lord – Isaiah 9:6 ·

Dan Hayden •
The names of Jesus, found in the famous text of Isaiah 9:6, unveil the true nature and ministry of our Lord. Here is one of the great Old Testament prophecies that shines the light of heaven on the wonderful glory of Jesus Christ. This series of messages by Dr. Dan Hayden emphasizes Jesus Christ as the only true Way to the only true God.
6 CDs$14


  1. The Unique Jesus – Atlas at Last
  2. His Name is Jesus
  3. Counseling Wonder
  4. Mighty God
  5. Father of Eternity
  6. Prince of Peace

Name Above All Names – Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord was also published as a paperback by Crossway Books. Here is an excerpt: Chapter 1: Not Like Any Other – 111K PDF
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